Do you need unauthorized or abandoned vehicles removed from your property?

We specialize in prompt vehicle removal to assure the safety and accessibility of your business. Private trespass towing or non-consensual towing is the act of towing vehicles improperly parked or trespassing on private property, at the request of the property owner or their authorized agent, without prior consent or authorization of the owner or operator of the vehicle. Statewide Wrecker must have a contract with the property owner. The contract must be signed by the owner or an authorized agent for the property owner. Signs must be posted for at least 24 hours before any trespassing vehicles can be removed from the property.

Laws and Resources:

The Basics – Private property towing is the removal of illegally parked or abandoned vehicles from privately owned property. This can occur in residential driveways, commercial parking lots that have posted “No Parking” signage or unmarked private parking lots. Car towing might occur on private property for a few reasons. Towing is common because the vehicle will be parked illegally according to “No Parking” signs on the property.

If the parking lot has clear signage, the car can be towed immediately. If a vehicle is in violation of parking rules it will be towed from private property. This can include parking in handicap spaces, in the fire lane or obstructing traffic. In some jurisdictions, cars that have outstanding parking tickets can be towed by police without warning. 

How To Tow Off Your Private Property:

If you own a residential or commercial property and need to remove an illegally parked or abandoned car, there are a few steps you should take.

  • Ensure your parking lot has clear and visible signage. This will help deter people from parking in the lot and make them aware that it is illegal to park there.
  • ONLY call the police if you suspect something illegal. They will investigate the vehicle, issue a citation and even have the car towed. This is helpful because it creates a paper trail and excuses you from towing liability.

If you need the car towed immediately, you can also hire Statewide Wrecker towing to remove the car from your property. In order to legally tow and impound a vehicle off of private property, companies like ours must be properly licensed and certified with a private property towing operator’s license. It is important to hire a reliable and licensed company before removing a vehicle.

If you require the assistance of a towing service in Gwinnett County or around Atlanta, GA we happily remove illegally parked cars from your property! Call Statewide Wrecker towing for fast and friendly service! 

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