Are you looking for a reliable towing company for your car or motorcycle? Broken down vehicle, flat tire, car lockout, or dead battery? Our 24/7 light duty towing services are just a phone call away!

Statewide Wrecker Service is available to provide you with roadside assistance in any situation or vehicle emergency. We offer a wide array of services to all of our motorist customers, including car towing and emergency roadside service. Statewide Wrecker Service provides emergency towing to the metro Atlanta area, and our “on-call” fleet of tow trucks and service vehicles guarantee a prompt response. When roadside conditions or physical impairment prevent you from changing your own tire or doing what is needed to fix your vehicle, our emergency roadside assistance gets you back on the road quickly.

Statewide Wrecker Service provides light-duty towing services for automobiles that are disabled. This may involve recovering an automobile damaged in an accident, returning one to a drivable surface in a mishap or inclement weather, or towing or transporting one via flatbed to a repair shop or other location.

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Remember using the wrong truck for towing jobs can be expensive and wasteful. If you hire a heavy duty tow truck to lift a smaller car, it could actually take more time than it would if a smaller, more efficient light duty truck was sent your way. Using the wrong truck for the job can cost more than necessary and possibly lead to easily avoidable damages to your vehicle. For these reasons, always make sure you call ahead and get a quote for your vehicle type when in need of a tow.

Are you looking for the best light duty truck for towing? Our light duty towing consists of towing smaller cars, removing abandoned or illegally parked vehicles, and assisting with roadside accidents. Light duty towing trucks typically weigh anywhere between 8,600 and 10,000 lbs and utilize a cable and winch system. The wheel system lifts the vehicle from the road, either the front or back wheels, while the two remaining wheels are allowed to stay on the ground while the vehicle is transported. Statewide Wrecker Service towing trucks are smaller, easily maneuverable, and efficient for quick services tows.

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