Statewide Wrecker Service provides heavy duty towing service to customers with medium to heavy-duty equipment. Statewide Wrecker has the ability to handle the heaviest of trucks and equipment because we have a large, versatile fleet that allows us to do so.

We are also able to offer local and long-distance towing, swap-outs, pull starts, and power only. Our heavy duty towing operators have extensive knowledge and training that allow them to offer the best service possible.

In addition to Towing Services, Statewide Wrecker Service also offers recovery towing services, including rollovers, load shifts/transfers, winch outs, decking, and undecking. We offer a full line of support equipment ready to assist in any situation resulting from an accident or overturn truck or tractor-trailer. Statewide Wrecker Service specializes in performing towing recoveries swiftly and efficiently.

Heavy duty trucks typically carry loads weighing 17,000 pounds or more. This is a common cutoff weight from light/medium duty. Most tow trucks that engage in heavy duty towing are much larger and normally have up to 25-ton boom lifts, a winch, and 6-ton wheel lifts. At New Image, we tow huge loads and heavy cargo. Our trucks have the horsepower, torque and drive for any kind of towing service at hand.

Motor Homes
Frac Tanks
Boom Trucks
Bob Tails
Straight Trucks
Dump Trucks
Garbage Trucks

Remember using the wrong truck for towing jobs can be expensive and wasteful. If you hire a light duty tow truck to lift a heavier car, it could actually take more time than it would if a smaller, more efficient light duty truck was sent your way. Using the wrong truck for the job can cost more than necessary and possibly lead to easily avoidable damages to your vehicle. For these reasons, always make sure you call ahead and get a quote for your vehicle type when in need of a tow.

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