Dodging ‘Need A Tow Truck’ In Gwinnett Traffic

Due to high volumes of frequent commuters, traffic in and out of Gwinett can be a challenging experience, and frequent accidents and need for tow trucks don’t help. Things such as flat tires, low gas levels, fender benders and pile ups contribute to backed up highways and long travel times before and after work. If these things happen to you, you will probably need a tow truck, making your commute even longer and more stressful. While accidents and breakdowns happen, Statewide Wrecker Service has compiled a list of things that you can do to help keep yourself and your vehicle safe and prevent needing a tow truck during Gwinnett traffic. 

need a tow truck

Routine Vehicle Maintenance

Keeping your vehicle up to date with maintenance is key to avoiding break downs, and you won’t need a tow truck. Some things to check regularly include fluid levels, tire pressure and tread, battery health, brakes and lights. Most of these checks can be done at home, however Statewide Wrecker Service can complete these services for you and has also provided a more in depth Vehicle Maintenance Checklist here. 

Flat tires and tire blowouts are oftentimes the leading cause of breakdowns and crashes during rush hour. While flat tires are sometimes fixable on the side of the road, they can place you in unsafe conditions and if unequipped with the proper tools, you might need a tow truck. Keeping your tires at a recommended tire pressure and making sure that your tread is at a safe depth will be very beneficial in preventing unwanted accidents.  Some other things to be aware of include paying attention to warning signs. Your car often tells you something is wrong before it breaks down. By listening for unusual sounds or vibrations, watching for dashboard warning lights, and addressing any issues promptly to avoid breakdowns, you can ensure that you won’t need a tow truck later down the road. 

Plan Routes Wisely

Knowing your route and anticipating your next turn as well as congestion hotspots helps to increase awareness and minimize last minute breaking, and on the fly lane changes. Planning your route and knowing your next move can greatly improve the amount of accidents happening on the road, which in the end eliminates the need to tow.

Utilize Navigation Apps

Navigation apps like Apple Maps, Waze, Google Maps and more allow you to plan your route during high traffic hours. This helps gather information on safer routes and lower traveled roads to avoid potential crashes or breakdowns on high volume streets. These apps also guide you step by step through the route, warning you multiple times before a turn or exit to eliminate the risk of last minute swerves and turns, keeping you safe and prevents you from being on the phone with a towing company. 

need a tow truck

Avoid High Traffic Times When Possible

Avoiding high traffic times limits your risk of getting into accidents and needing a tow truck. If possible, avoid the high traffic times of 8:00am-10:00am and 4:00-7:00pm especially on major interstates and highways as this is when the majority of commuters are also on the road. If you can’t avoid high traffic times, consider taking the less traveled route. This not only can save you time spent in traffic but also limits your surroundings so you can avoid crashes and breakdowns, therefore you won’t need a tow truck.

Drive Alert & Practice Defensive Driving

Driving alert and practicing defensive driving help to anticipate crashes and keep you safe, which in turn eliminates the need for a tow truck. You can practice defensive driving by maintaining a safe following distance, staying aware of your surroundings, and anticipating the actions of other drivers, as well as staying off your phone and keeping your eyes on the road. Staying alert and avoiding distractions, eliminates crashes and allows you to not need a tow truck, saving you time, stress, and money. That text can wait!

need a tow truck

Need A Tow Truck? Call Us Today!

Doing these things helps put you on the best foot in navigating Gwinnett Traffic safely, so you won’t need a tow truck. However accidents and breakdowns still happen, and in the case that you do need a tow truck, Statewide Wrecker Service will be there for you! Statewide prioritizes the safety of its customers and will help get you back on the road as safely and quickly as possible! We offer a range of roadside towing services for your vehicle at fair and honest prices. Give us a call whenever you need at 770-279-8424.